Value Added Services

For any questions regarding your purchase contact us!

We will provide you with a quotation from a Chinese supplier for any product you request us. In some circumstances, we will be able to facilitate samples to be sent directly to you for better decision making.

While finding a reliable supplier is one aspect of a successful sourcing, it is also important to compare quality, price and the general value you get for every dollar spent. Some orders are also extremely specific, requiring extensive knowledge on how to source the right market and more importantly – the right supplier. Our experience in sourcing from China includes factory orders, machineries, building materials, finishing accessories, Home and Office Furniture, hotel industry items, large vehicles, Spare parts, Lifts/elevators and escalators, household goods, electronics, and much much more. We take you to the right market and the supplier of your choice for the right deal.

Several aspects of the purchasing process in China require care. Deposit payment, receiving the right merchedise, settling balance are all procedures we regularly perform.

Order Consultation
Once we understand your needs, we can offer you advise on how to approach a particular order. We will steer you away from common pitfalls others have fallen. We guide you towards products utilizing
the latest technologies and/or otherwise assist you find specifically what you desire. In some instances, we make design recommendations to better assist your purchasing process.
We will help you negotiate the price of products as we have good understanding on the basic value of many common products on the market.

Order Representation
Our team in China handles the progress of your order from start to finish. We assist you from negotiations to production and to delivery. We are there to assure the outcome that best suits your interest.In addition, we handle project based orders for various sectors such as construction, real-estate, factory set-up, transportation, hotel, retail and more

Depending on your need, we can offer certain financing options to avoid any delays in your shipment.

The best shipping service begins with a competent team. We do not believe simply loading a container is enough. For every shipment, we strictly follow the following procedures:

  1. Ensure timely delivery from suppliers. We begin to follow-up with suppliers almost immediately after order is placed.
  2. Carefully calculate available space prior to loading in order to maximize space utilization. We make necessary changes to allow for better loading – giving you maximum value for the load.
  3. Check the quality of the products upon loading to ensure they confirm to the specification ordered by the customer. In the event of quality deviance (i.e. less quality, damaged,
    wrong color etc.,) we enforce the supplier to make changes that suit the original order.