Steps A-Z

Depending on the needs of the customers we serve, our services vary in scope - from smaller products able to ship by air, to large consignments requiring containers. Following are steps designed to help you understand the process involved in making use of our services.

Step 1

Step 1: Contact our office in Addis Ababa, Juba, or Kampala via telephone, email, or walk-in. (You can also utilize our Online Inquiry System for quotation.)

Step 2

Upon your visit to our office, we will take steps to understand your purchasing needs and determine a value package that includes service price per container, shipping cost, and any other service related expenses.

Step 3

Once basic understanding is reached, we will provide you with the necessary information about import license, bank formalities and any other relevant requirements. We will then outline a timeline to help guide you achieve your objectives in a timely fashion.

Step 4

To facilitate your travel to China for a hands-on purchasing, we provide you visa invitation paperwork required by the China Embassy.

Step 5

Upon your arrival to China, we receive you from the airport and take you to your pre-arranged accomodation of your choice in Guangzhou. We will then hold meetings in our Guangzhou office to give you a day-by-day schedule.

Step 6

As we visit your desired markets, we facilitate a clear understanding between yourself and the Chinese suppliers on price, quality, quantity, production, time etc., and answer any questions you may have. We will also make recommendations based on our past experience regarding suppliers, new products, technologies etc.

Step 7

We will gather the final invoice for all the purchases you have made and compile it in a manner you can understand. At this point of the process, you may return to your country if you wish. We will proceed with deposit payments to suppliers and continue with the rest of the purchasing duties.

Step 8

Prior to receving your items in China, we make in-land shipping arrangments, warehousing (if needed). We visit your items during production to check quality and conformity to specification. We check quality of each product before loading to ensure it meets your chosen quality. We exercise careful measures to ensure maximized space utilization during loading.

Step 9

Once loading is completed, we will follow up with all the necessary paperwork to allow a swift custom clearance at your destination.

Every consignment differs in value, services required, and time needed. Our representative offices in your respective countries will work with you to formulate a specific plan based on your needs.